How to delete or unregister vSphere Replication extension or plugin from vCenter Server MOB

Sometimes we will not find the newly deployed vSphere feature or installed product plugin in vCenter Dashboard or Navigator in web-client. Most of the time, we may see this issue, it can be due to Extensions and the only way to fix it is by unregistering the product extension from vCenter Server managed object browser (MOB) and re-deploy it or re-register with vCenter from Appliance Management Interface (like VAMI).

In this post, I will show the steps to unregister the vSphere Replication extension, with this steps we can unregister any extension (SRM, VRA, VDP, VUM,etc.,) that is registered with vCenter Server.

  1. Log in to the vCenter Server managed object browser (MOB). The URL for the MOB is https://vCenter_FQDN/mob .
  2. Click “content” Under Properties>content> ServiceContent > content.
  3. Click ExtensionManager Under Properties > extensionManager>ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager > ExtensionManager.
  4. Find the list of registered Extension with the vCenter Server as shown below and “com.vmware.vcHms” is the register extension for vSphere Replication.
  5. Under Methods, select void > UnregisterExtension.
  6. In the VALUE section under Parameters > extensionKey (required) string and enter com.vmware.vcHms .
  7. Click Invoke Method.
  8. You will see the message as “void“, which means its unregistered.
  9. Log in to vCenter Single Sign-on as administrator@vsphere.local .
    Note:Replace vsphere.local with the name of your vCenter Single Sign-on domain if you have defined a custom name.
  10. Navigate to Administration > Users Solution Users.
  11. Remove the vSphere Replication solution user. This user should contain vr in the user name


Similarly, follow the above steps to unregister any product that is registered with vCenter, before starting this identify and keep your product string name ready to unregister.

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